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 Convertible Service began in 1982 when Paul Terry, the owner-operator, realized that he was better at repairing convertibles than he was at selling them. His home business of restoring convertibles for resale was not going well because of one thing. He was a lousy salesman. So he decided to advertise his expertise at convertible top mechanism repair, at least until a "real job" came along.

Well, by the mercy of God, there was a bigger need for this type of work than Paul imagined. God kept sending him more customers and teaching him how to be a good businessman, God, in His grace to all ignorant people, saw to it that none of Paulís mistakes were terminal. The business has grown steadily (if not rapidly) over the years, moving several times, to more adequate facilities.

It has become the goal of Paul and his dedicated associates, Glen, Jan, Bill, Ron, Becky, Tyler, Pablo, and Larry to be of service to the good convertible owners of America (and the world) and the shops who serve them. They will continue to develop new products, like the ones in this catalog, to solve some of the problems of the convertible owner.

Through all of the changes which have taken place at Convertible Service, one thing has remained the same. Paul is still a lousy salesman.

But he does know a bit about your convertible top mechanism. You can call on him and heíll help you. So will Glen, Jan, Bill, Ron, Becky, Tyler, Pablo, and Larry. Thatís what weíre here for.

If your convertible works fine, but you have other problems (and donít we all?) there is someone we can recommend to you without reservation. God. He has met all our needs (business and personal) here at Convertible Service, by giving us a relationship with himself through the death and resurrection of Jesus, His Son. You can call on Him and Heíll help you, too. Thatís what Heís here for.

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