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Convertible Tops and Top Repair


Convertible Tops, Cables & Boots



For pricing or to place an order, visit our Online Store or call us toll free at (800) 333-1140.

ROBBINS CONVERTIBLE TOPS feature distinctive styling, fine custom workmanship, and attention to detail. Original factory designs are followed and improved upon when necessary by adding extra reinforcements and other steps as part of their commitment to quality in the manufacture of convertible tops. All seams are stitched with Dacron thread and Dialectically Heatsealed for superior strength. Dacron thread offers the highest resistance to fading of any thread available. Plastic rear windows are sewn into most rear curtains and tops with zippered rear windows. PLASTIC REAR WINDOWS are made exclusively of Ultralite B.U.V. Formulation which offers much greater resistance to scratching, and a much longer service life than  other plastic rear windows previously available. Plastic rear windows cannot be warranted at this time because of the harmful effects of UV light and chemicals found in smog, smoke, dust, etc., over which we have no control. Frequent cleaning however will prolong the life of plastic rear windows. GLASS REAR WINDOWS are heavily reinforced and carefully finished to provide quality appearance and long service life. Tops and rear window curtains are made of KV-Haartz Deluxe 36 oz. Supreme Single Texture Pinpoint Grain Vinyl, and have a heavy duty sateen backing for added strength for this workhorse single texture vinyl.


These are located in the outer seam of the convertible top material and serve to keep the edges of the top material from fluttering at high speeds and, more importantly, restrict the normal tendency of the top to shrink up from the side windows over the years. Each pair of cables is manufactured with the correct type ends (eyelet, spring, flange, bolt or ball ends), to fit your particular convertible top. We carry over thirty different configurations of hold-down cables to fit all of the models within the years listed below.

For pricing or to place an order, visit our Online Store or call us toll free at (800) 333-1140.

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Nothing improves the looks of a convertible with the top down more than a well fitted top boot. Our top boots feature the same craftsmanship, attention to detail and commitment to quality found in your carís original factory top boot. They are heavily reinforced especially at points of maximum stress to ensure long service life. Boots are crafted to fit your convertible and (determined by year, make & model) are fitted with original  type clips or metal snaps to be fastened to the car the same way as the original. Top boots are custom made when your order is placed. To place an order, please call us toll free at (800-333-1140.


We carry a complete line of new and used Convertible top mechanism parts


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